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Protein Pancake






Whole oat flour pancakes enriched with proteins. 

• Prepared mixture rich in protein and fiber to make delicious pancakes.

• Combines three protein sources: Whey, Egg and Complete Milk Protein.

• With more protein and less carbohydrates than similar products. 

Weider Protein Pancake Mix is the best choice for preparing delicious rich in oats and protein pancakes because they has less carbohydrates than the rest of the products on the market and, of course, much more protein (nearly 35 %) per serving. 

The most interesting of Protein Pancake Mix is the studied combination of ingredients, which combines whole oat flour with the best sources of protein: whey, egg and milk; thereby achieving an optimum supply of essential amino acids and a high biological value protein. 

Protein Pancake Mix has been developed using whole egg powder, to get flavourful, tender and fluffy pancakes; the best texture you could try in protein pancakes. Its unique combination of proteins provides almost 35% protein compared to 22% of other brands, adding all the flavour and nutrients egg. With Protein Pancake Mix you very fluffy pancakes without adding anything else.

To make Protein Pancake Mix a full and healthy food, we have used whole oat flour with the patented combination ModCarb ™, to provide 40% carbohydrate that also allows us to obtain a product low in sugars.

Our patented ingredient ModCarb ™ is rich in grains (such as amaranth and quinoa) with green certificates, has a low glycemic index and is also rich in mono and polyunsaturated fatty acids.

Protein Pancake Mix is aimed at all audiences, especially to all those people who care about their health and who need an extra supply of protein.

DIRECTIONS: Mix 25 grams of product (1-heaped scoop) with 50 ml of water in a blender or with a fork. Let it stand a few seconds.

- Cooked in a pan: add the mixture to a hot pan with a little of oil.

- Microwave cooking: add the mixture to a microwave mould and cook for a minute and a half approx. at maximum power.

 RECOMMENDATION: Protein Pancake Mix can be eaten at any time of the day, although it is ideal for breakfast or between meals.

- If you want to increase the amount of protein in the most natural way, you can combine it with and of our delicious flavours of  Whey proteins

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